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There are presently no open calls for submissions.


  • Consider if your submission is compatible with Anansi‚Äôs publishing program. Take the time to look at the titles on our web site.
  • Using Submittable, please send us: 1) a cover letter telling us about yourself and your book; 2) a CV indicating your publishing history (if applicable); 3) a brief synopsis of your project; and 4) your full or partial manuscript. Anansi ONLY accepts .docx (Word 2007 or newer), .doc, and .pdf file formats.
  • Be patient. Anansi receives hundreds of submissions a month and it takes time for them to be read and evaluated. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your submission, and we aim to respond to all submissions within six months.


  • Submit religious tracts.
  • Send us a submission if you are not a Canadian citizen or resident. Anansi does not accept unsolicited materials from non-Canadian writers.
  • Send us your submission as an .pages (Apple Pages) file, an OpenDocument File from OpenOffice and LibreOffice file, or a .zip file.
  • Contact us regarding the status of your submission. We keep track of all submissions received.
  • Expect feedback. Anansi does not offer editorial comment on manuscripts unless we feel the work has potential for our list.


  • If you would like to withdraw your submission, click here. (Please note: You cannot revise your submission. If you feel it is necessary to make changes, please withdraw and resubmit.)
  • For general help, please see Submittable's FAQ page here.
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